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Eyebrow threading in Fargo is gaining quick recognition and ubiquity. This method of brow shaping is used by a huge number of women. It gives you a precise and clean shape for your brows. Threading can be done not only on eyebrows but the whole face including lips, chins, cheeks, or even neck. Threading is favored more than the conventional eyebrow waxing strategy since it is sterile, lasts longer and gives your eyebrows a sharper and cleaner look. Not only is eyebrow threading more sanitary compared to eyebrow waxing but it is also less excruciating.

Why Threading?

Though both shaping methods can produce beautiful results, as a company who specializes in the art of threading, we decided to ask our brow experts and clients what are their reasons for choosing threading over waxing, as their go-to for brow shaping –

1. Threading is relatively inexpensive

It is relatively less expensive than waxing. Threading is affordable and will go well in your budget; while it is the best way of getting rid of unwanted hair from eyebrow for more time.

2. Faster and cleaner than waxing

Unlike eyebrow waxing our stylists use a cotton thread to gently remove unwanted hairs to enhance your natural eyebrow shape. Since all of your hair isn’t pulled out together on one strip threading gives your brow stylist more control over the hair removal process.

3. Doesn’t cause ingrown hair

Due to improper waxing techniques, the hair breaks and that can lead to ingrown hair or fast growth of hair. Threading takes out the hair from the root and hair re-growth becomes finer and sparser after regular treatments.

4. Waxing leads to loosening of facial skin

Waxing pulls the skin and the nature of wax removal can disrupt the delicate skin around the eyes and brows, especially if hot wax is being used. Though no scientific study exists, many people believe that repeated waxing can cause the skin to lose elasticity and may result in drooping lids, or fine lines around the eye area. When this happens, the shape of your face changes and in turn so does the shape of your brows! Scientific proof or not, for the people who have waxed their brows and then moved to the thread, the feel of the skin and brows are significantly better with threading.

5. The lesser risk to sensitive skin

Threading is the best method to be used if you have sensitive skin. The best thing about this method is that our skin is least affected, unlike other hair removal methods (waxing, tweezing, etc). It is normal to feel itchy at the threaded area but it will be subsided within 15 to 20 minutes of completion of threading. In rare cases only it will remain for as long as 30 minutes. People who face problems like breakouts from waxing will get relief from all this after switching to threading.

6. Better brow shape than waxing

There is more room for error when waxing your eyebrows. It also poses a risk of accidentally taking off too much on one side compared to the other.

So, in our opinion eyebrow threading is beneficial in several ways that will help you in fulfilling your requirement of keeping your eyebrows in the right shape for more than a month.

Try Shree Beauty & Brow Art

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