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Every makeup artist we have ever spoken to says eyebrows are the most important facial feature. The eyebrows determine all angles of the face. They can lift the eyes; narrow or widen the face. While there are a lot of opportunities here, it is essential to let the natural shape of your eyebrows be your guide. It is probably close to optimal for your face, and anything too drastic can look unnatural.

But the great news here is, you can, in fact, shape your eyebrows at home — without any regrets — and the entire process is as easy as filling in your eyebrows with makeup. And to ensure you don’t end up with an over-tweezed eyebrow, we thought of providing an easy peasy step-by-step guide to shape your eyebrows at home. This technique can be used on the days when you don’t feel like going to the salon or have things to do and places to be. But keep in mind that even if you master this eyebrow routine, you should still see an expert from time to time for finer shape.

Here is the step-by-step guide on “How to shape your eyebrows at home” from our threading expert at Shree Beauty & Brow Art-

Eyebrow Shaping Guide 101

  • Use an eyebrow pencil as a guide to help you find the beginning, arch, and end of your eyebrows.
  • The inner edge of the eyebrow should line up with the outside of the corresponding nostril.
  • The highest point of the arch should be just at the outer edge of the eyeball.
  • The outer eyebrow should taper off to a point that intersects with an imaginary line drawn from the outer nostril past the outer edge of the eye.
  • Now, as you have identified the shape of your eyebrow, start tweezing stray hair that would be the one outside the marked area i.e, at the beginning of your eyebrows, beneath your arch, and beyond the end of the tail. 
  • Try tweezing in the direction of the hair growth, it would allow you to capture the whole strand at once and less pain too.
  • After you are done with tweezing, take a pair of scissors and trim the front part of your brows, it needs to be trimmed.
  • And last but not the least step in this procedure would be to fill up the blank spaces,(if there is any!) with the help of an eyebrow pencil. And don’t just use any shade! First, find a shade that perfectly matches your brow color and then give a defined shape to your eyebrows.

And there you go! Your flawless eyebrows are ready to flaunt and keep in mind, if you follow this technique by our expert, don’t forget to share your pictures with us. We would love to see your efforts. DM us your picture on Instagram or share it with us on Facebook.

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