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Ever waited for months for your eyebrows to grow out to the fullest, and then ruined by someone, who does not take a minute to spoil the shape of your eyebrows? Well, lovelies, now you don’t have to go through so much trouble, as we will tell you how to shape your eyebrows yourself, properly. The eyebrows determine all angles and shapes of the face; they can lift the eyes; narrow or widen the face. While there are a lot of opportunities here, it is important to let your natural shape be your guide. It is probably close to optimal for your face, and anything too drastic can look unnatural. Here is a basic and easy way of shaping your eyebrows from our fabulous professional artist-educators.

Basic Technique for Shaping your Eyebrows

  • In order to determine the starting point of your eyebrow (A), place a pen or a stick from the side of your nose, rising upwards, passing the inner corner of your eye. The pen will land at the starting point of your eyebrow; pluck away the strays surrounding the starting point. (Read again and remember, ladies, You have to pluck JUST THE STRAYS!)

  • Next, move to the arch of your eyebrow (B), which is basically the most troublesome part to deal with. You must start by figuring out where exactly is the tip of the arch. To figure that out, stand in front of a mirror, place the pen again to the side of your nose, it should cross the middle of your eye, landing at a spot on your eyebrow, which is your curve.

  •  As for figuring out where your eyebrows should end (C), place the pen or stick to the side of your nose, angling it outwards to pass the outer corner of your eye, landing somewhere above your temples. That is the point where your eyebrow should end, and you thought geometry wouldn’t be useful later in life!

If you find the process a bit confusing, check out the image we have provided for your assistance above this text, Because we understand visuals better than the text, correct us if we are wrong!