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Fuller and perfectly arched eyebrows are always in style, but sometimes it may feel like they are impossible to achieve. That’s why we went straight to the pros – our Global Makeup Educators – to get tips on how to fill in your eyebrows to perfection. Let’s start. So, the basic rule of filling the eyebrows is – always following the – line, fill, and blend process. Let’s get in a little bit deeper –

  1. Line. Using an eyebrow pencil with a fine tip to line the top of your eyebrow. First, locate the starting point of your eyebrow. To do so hold the pencil vertical to the bridge of your nose, right next to your nostrils; mark that spot with the pencil. Then, mark the ending point by pivoting the pencil so it aligns with the outer corner of our eye. Connect the two dots with one light, even line.
  2. Fill. Start at the tail of your eyebrow, and use short, feathery strokes to fill in your eyebrow. Be sure your strokes begin at the underside of your eyebrow and move outward toward your temple for the most natural look.
  3. Blend. Use a spoolie brush at a 45-degree angle to blend your pencil strokes into your natural hair. 

That’s how you fill your eyebrows in just three easy steps and also properly. Try it, we guarantee you’ll love it and notice a big difference.